Heart of Arabia is using this journey as an opportunity to raise funds for two very worthy causes-please donate!

Future Generations Fund

A fund being established to inspire and inform young people about positive solutions to geographical issues. 

One of our key strengths at RSGS is our ability to inspire. With our heritage, knowledge, networks, and influence, we are uniquely well-placed to inspire learning, action, change, and hope. We need to inspire and inform young people about geographical issues. But we also need to inspire and help deliver positive solutions which can give young people more hope for their futures. And we need to inspire and engage young people in shaping the futures that they want to see. We are determined to do more to make a difference. But for us to step up the work we are doing to help young people, directly and indirectly, we need your support.

The Philby Arabia Fund

A fund being established to support purposeful travel that leads to an increased knowledge and understanding of Saudi Arabia.

Harry St. John Philby (1885 -1960) was a British Arabist, adviser, writer and explorer. His writing and images from many years spent in Arabia are deeply evocative; some of those images appear on this website.

To keep his memory and his enthusiasm for exploration and knowledge of Arabia alive for future generations, the Philby family has joined with The Saudi British Society to establish The Philby Arabia Fund. This Fund will grant The Philby Arabia Fund Awards to successful applicants who plan to undertake purposeful travel that adds to our understanding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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